Dave Tarrida & Mike Fuzz / Augenblau


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02_Give Me Some

Dave Tarrida & Mike Fuzz / Augenblau

Musick to play in the club - musick0020

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This new musick 12" by techno mastermind and no future hero Dave Tarrida and his friend Mike Fuzz continues the line of MUSICK’s strikes...

A-side AUGENBLAU is an unconventional techno track mixing decades: While the vocal lines deliver kind of an 80ies feeling (the dark side that time), the track itself is no-future techno skills at its best! At least 10 bpm too fast to please the new non smokers’ techno generation of dj pleasers, Augenblau scores in every sense: a funky dark club hit for the undertaker.

And so does B-side "GIVE ME SOME" - a track for people who do not sleep. What really breakcores the b side are the magic live hardcore bass lines by Mike Fuzz who also spoke all the words/sang all lyrics on both tracks of this ep. Mike you might know from playing in Cristian Vogel´s band "night of the brain" and he gives his best on these tracks!

Speed bass techno with vocals!

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