The Rootsman / New Testament


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01_Faith (feat Dayjah)

02_Thinking Back In Time (feat Sandeeno)

03_Rocky Road (feat Cudjoe Banton)

04_Shelter From The Storm (feat Earl Sixteen)

05_Earth Rightful Ruler (feat Fowlie Don)

06_Walk And Talk (feat U Brown)

07_Live Forever (feat Daddy Freddy)

08_Let's Be Friends (feat Determine)

09_Higher Place (feat Mike Brooks)

10_Joy And Sorrow (feat Jah Mason)

11_Sort Me Out (feat Winston McAnuff)

12_Action Alone (feat Bongo Chilli)

13_Love (feat Bobby Blue)

The Rootsman / New Testament

Meteosound - Meteo06

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Faith (Feat. DAYJAH),
Thinking Back In Time (Feat. SANDEENO)
Rocky Road (Feat. CUDJOE BANTON)
Shelter From The Storm (Feat. EARL SIXTEEN)
Earth Rightful Ruler (Feat. FOWLIE DON)
Walk And Talk (Feat. U BROWN), Live
Forever (Feat. DADDY FREDDY)
Let's Be Friends (Feat. DETERMINE)
Higher Place (Feat. MIKE BROOKS)
Joy And Sorrow (Feat. JAH MASON)
Action Alone (Feat. BONGO CHILLI)
Love (Feat. BOBBY BLUE)

This new album of Dub maniac THE ROOTSMAN from Bradford/UK contains 13 tracks of a brand new style featuring some of the greatest Jamaican singers like a.o. EARL 16, SANDEENO, U BROWN, JAH MASON, DETERMINE and MIKE BROOKS.

During his very prolific carreer with several releases for his own label imprint Third Eye Music, he worked with, and remixed various greats of the Reggae scene like DUB SYNDICATE or JUNIOR DELGADO but as well THE ORB's ALEX PATTERSON, MUSLIMGAUZE or SOULFLY.

Almost two years in the making 'Presents New Testament' has been something of an epic journey for ROOTSMAN. Contained within its beautiful sleeve is a new blueprint for modern music - heartfelt Jamaican vocals meet evocative and intense bests heavily influenced by hip hop and R'n'B, yet still with that unique ROOTSMAN trademark sound. A classic set!

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