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01_Delaware (Thomas Fehlmann remix)

02_Delaware (Phon.o remix)

03_Delaware (Monkeytribe edit)

04_Tribal Vibe

Monkeytribe / Mixes

Meteosound - Meteo10

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a1 delaware (thomas fehlmann remix)
a2 delaware (phon.o remix)
b1 delaware (monkeytribe edit)
b2 tribal vibe

dub has penetrated various musical systems like a virus - they are still going their own ways. the small yet dope berlin label meteosound (in collaboration with select cuts label) is bringing the variety of dub-infected musical forms back together: a spectrum of echoed crispy electronica berlin style that continues to reach as far as the jamaican and reggae tinted dub of a rootsman. two boundaries within one label? - and yet it will continue. this 12inch series on vinyl will capture quite diverse current productions (in dub), which continues here with part 4 featuring remixes by THOMAS FEHLMANN and PHON.O.

"delaware" is a very rare tune: charming and roughly produced on the bounderies of dub and hip hop, showing MONKEYTRIBE"s MC SOOM-T and her big talent - rapping and singing, lyrics and poetry. MONKEYTRIBE are a really rare crew, good and plenty. the remix by THOMAS FEHLMANN is a favorite hiphop remix, international, slowely and hitting. PHON.O strikes back on an uptempo funky remix - "phon.keytribe" stuff. B-side"s "tribal vibe" is bringing back the singer MC SOOM-T on a hippy dubbing track. glasgowian hip hop on a berlin dub electronic label flashing the scenes.

the remixers: THOMAS FEHLMANN is one of the highest profile producer, live act and DJ of the berlin electronica scene. working as musician, producer, programmator and DJ for the oceanclub or as co-producer with THE ORB, ALEX PATERSON, THOMAS FEHLMANN can be heard solo on the famous cologne kompakt label (recent album "visions of blah" LP/CD EFA 26037). PHON.O is a resident artist of the Berlin hype label shitkatapult. he also did tracks for labels like cytrax (KIT CLAYTON) or laboratory instinct (tokyo/berlin) and designed the 12inch series for meteosound. MC SOOM-T (rapper of MONKEYTRIBE) just run into the finals of the eight mile MC-contest in the UK.. the original "delaware" version (EFA 33488-6) will be featured on the "oceanclub for china" compilation via V2 records). this fall MC SOOM-T is kicking some bigger releases of T.RAUMSCHMIERE (novamute, shitkatapult), ALEX PATERSON and BUS (~scape label recording artist).
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