Fenin / Sustain


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01_3 Snares


03_Half A Song

04_No C.I.A. (feat Gorbi)

05_No C.I.A. Dub


Fenin / Sustain

Meteosound - Meteo12

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driven by dub:::
the small dope berlin dub label meteosound yet continues its vinyl series with another release of
shitkatapults dub expert lars fenin. this 6 tracks of state-of-the-art-dub-music opens a wide range
of musical styles: uptempo floor stuff (3 snares), rootical electronic dub (half a song, warning),
shuffle mid tempo techhouse (shake) and lars fenin«s first cooperation with reggae singer gorbi (on no c.i.a.).

following meteo 007 - fenins driven ep - sustain ep is presenting a second step towards a deeper
cooperation between techno floors and listening dubs and still handles the meteo idea of modern popclub music,
facing a very simple statement: driven by dub Ð sustaining the idea...

meteosound head daniel meteo is known for his work as dj, promoter and producer
involved into the oceanclub radio, scape act bus (alongside tom thiel), scape dj and
berlin club maria or wmf/cafe moskau residencies.

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