Echo Depth Finders / On the Air


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01_On The Air

02_On The Air (instrumental edit)

03_Paranoid's Shell

04_But Still Nothing

Echo Depth Finders / On the Air

Meteosound - Meteo16

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METEO 016 presents DIGITAL ONE + WRONG from novosibirsk debuting aka ECHO DEPTH FINDERS.
EDF«s "ON THE AIR" - 12" offers a strange mixture of electronic, rap and dubhop music fantasies:
raw, deep and direct. A charming pre-view to the upcoming meteo album:
ECHO DEPTH FINDERS "IN THE CITY OF DOLLS" (27th of may, meteo 017).

Title Track "ON THE AIR" shows EDF as jammin old school dancehall veterans Ð featuring Wrong in a
freestyle: deep rap basics developed on one of Digital One«s typical rolling, crashing riddems.
This one obviously tributes to the work of Prince Jammy and the birth of the digital age in Jamaica.
A soulful technic revolution - rough, simple, digital. homecooking hot style music from far east.
The Ep continues with two more tracks from the upcoming city-album: "PARANIOD«S SHELL" and "But Still Nothing"

EDF Info:
Based in Novosibirsk, Russia, Echo Depth Finders is a two-man crew comprising sound-designer Digital One
(Nikolay Zhmakin) and lyrics generator Wrong (Anton Belov). Since its formation in 2003 as an occasional
union for a sporadic dub-track, the collaboration has already resulted in the album City of Dolls, and
will continue...
Merging minimal techno and verbal free-styling was a wish fulfilling experiment for both
members of the group, who are fascinated by the innovative aesthetic of post hip-hop. The artistic and
instrumental flexibility of this style was the perfect choice for thes young, well-educated Siberians,
who express their moods and experiences through ist inventive, aggressive, raw, and lo-fi sound.
There is a post-apocalyptic aesthetics in the expression of EDF - the "City" is not a prediction of the
future, but a warning. EDF know how to deal with paranoid images and robot films. But they are taking you
to the post-digital battlefields where you can trust the electronics under their control.
And feel the atmoshpere - unreal, but true.

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