Ferdinand Fehlers / Hearth


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02_Hearth Pole remix

Ferdinand Fehlers / Hearth

Meteosound - Meteo18

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info: "hearth" and fire: meteo 018 presents ekkehard ehlers with his new moniker "ferdinand fehlers".
mr ehlers is known for his brilliant releases as betrieb (klang), mŠrz (karaoke kalk) or as ekkehard ehlers
(staubgold and diverse). meteosound nowpresents a classic dubhouse track by ferdinand fehlers - "hearth" is a
kicking 11 minute a side dancefloor track from outanowhere. it is surprisingly deep soul house music in a new and
classic form. this seems to fit perfectly into meteos newest releases between electronical dub and soul
city music - which we can now describe as soul dub city music. the b side of this remarkable 12" is "hearth"
remixed by stefan betke aka pole, who is a legendary producer for abstract dub outfits since a number of years.
this special remix is a big surprise as it presents a new pole - kicking asses on 126 bp with a 4/4 bass drum
without leaving his special dub abstract corner.

dub/house/electronic by ekkehard ehlers debuting as ferdinand fehlers feat. remix by pole (scape, mute) Ð berlin club classics 2005

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