V/A / From The Power House


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01_Drag Racing

02_Dreaming U


04_Power House


V/A / From The Power House

Meteosound - Meteo21

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a1 death comet crew w/ the rammellzee - drag racing
a2 echo depth finders - dreaming u
a3 bus - soundberg
b1 daniel meteo - power house
b2 mircomate - swoop

This is an exclusive vinyl ep featuring 5 new massive tracks. „power house“ was a great jamaican early dancehall label from the 80ies with artists like the unforgettable tenor saw in times when dub and reggae were moving on and on and going deeper into the dancehall and mc sound. for meteosound this ep remarks a step into a more uptempo, power style - that combines hiphop, dub and electronica with house music. deepest shit.
meteo 021 introduces the third exclusive meteo dub compilation that will be available on cd in fall 2006. state of the art!
so in 2006 daniel meteo will present a more rocking version of his soul dub city idea and this 12" represents this deveolpment perfectly:
starting with an unbelievable hype track by the death comet crew feat. the one and only living art form rapper and hiphop artist the rammellzee. a real old school/new school hiphop masterpiece called "drag racing". rammellzee is one of the few hiphop/rap artists who still present the outta space art form introduced by the undisputed truth, funkadelic etc. and his unique humour cannot be described better than with the main phrase of "drag racing" backed by the dcc band: "gothic futurism...".
this enourmous rockpiece is followed by a new track of the sibirian duo echo depth finders who have delivered a surprising state-of-the-art digital album on meteo last year. "dreaming u" follows this line, breakcore downbeat kicks in a dancy offbeat style, digital jammy music meets prefuse and dabrye.
a side gets completed by meteo/thiel duo bus, known from several albums on pole´s label scape music. "soundberg" opens a new chapter of the bus work as it presents an ultra deep 118 bpm stepper showing the club side of the berlin duo.
b side opens with another daniel meteo track simply called "power house" - as it combines, again on 118 bpm, soul techno, guitars, dub elements to work in the club segment. 
the ep finishes with an old school dub piece by the polish londoner micromate, who shows in "swoop" that all old ideas are still alive.
this ep moves from rocking hiphop, soulful techhouse back to original dub skills, a perfect journey for our special people: today’s power house from berlin.

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