V/A / Special Musick For Special People


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01_Der grüne Punkt


03_Throw me a Bone


05_Flaces Descent


07_None of them


09_Noch Nie/Nicht Mehr

10_Stop Da Shot Blocka



13_Want Some More?

14_El Tractor

15_USB Urger



18_Minimal Explanation

19_Dancehall Queen

20_Hasir (live@Rex/Paris)


22_Din 10

23_Metval 72

24_Rock'n'Roll Dream

V/A / Special Musick For Special People

Shitkatapult - strike0050

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01_Rechenzentrum - Der grüne Punkt
02_Magnum 38 - Und?
03_Anaphie-Stic feat. Miss Tigra - Throw me a Bone
04_Apparat - Bolz
05_Anders Ilar - Flaces Descent
06_Boxtype - Whenever
07_Fenin feat. Gorbi - None of them
08_Peter Grummich - Fasern
09_T.Raumschmiere - Noch Nie/Nicht Mehr
10_Phon.o - Stop Da Shot Blocka
11_Hakan Lidbo - Clockwise
12_Das Bierbeben - Reproduktion
13_Sami Koivikko - Want Some More?
14_Napoli is Not Nepal - El Tractor
15_Kero - USB Urger
16_Gwem and The Gwemettes - FYMW
17_Elastic Heads - Kickin!
18_Kyborg - Minimal Explanation
19_Bus feat. Paul PM - Dancehall Queen
20_Modeselektor - Hasir (live@Rex/Paris)
21_Lusine ICL - Seemingly
22_Motor - Din 10
23_Richard Devine - Metval 72
24_Quasimodo Jones - Rock'n'Roll Dream



Panorama to the people!
Shitkatapult presents a new program to spoil music lovers at new heights all the way to seventh heaven, where we love to vegetate.  And this fiftieth butt cramp is not simply the anniversary of our label, but also the crowning jewel for laser-driven home entertainment centers or just your computer.  
The Shit-reel is a DVD that is technically capable, through the interactive menu, to play as a small movie in cinematic format at home.  It's spiffy in a way how the music is unearthed through the perceptual stimulation of images.  However, we're not talking about looking through some keyhole.  Instead, the doors are sprung wide open so that the digital art no longer need be confined to a hard drive.  You are supposed to stare, gaze, and discuss.  The screen is like a zoo where eyes are fed by viewing and ears are stuffed to the max.  There are voltage sucking hamsters that hop around diagonally.  Yup, what you have here is a revelation with secret ornaments of a lifestyle that is bathed in the positivism of electronic particles.           

Fans who are pinching their nipples in suspense are forewarned, and also all those who are concerned with the multiplication of facts are thus told: this is the absolute best Shitkatapult disc in the whole world.  This is no exaggeration with the 24 outstanding tracks combined with images that make you go bezerk.  There are sixteen Shitkatapult artists from all over the place with interviews plus live concert footage from T.Raumschmiere and Das Bierbeben.  A lady also has something to say, how nice.  You could almost pour another thousand words over this Shit-reel, which would decrease its value.  Instead we have a quote from the DVD: " I am very tired now. Please understand that I cannot give any shoutouts to Shitkatapult, thank you." (Das Bierbeben)

Screen-haters are even offered a fivehundred piece limited edition 4 record box-set which proves just as much as the DVD: after 50 attacks of special music for special people, it's safe to say that a group of pros are at work here.  Oh no.


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