Shrubbn!! / Molly Rhubarb | Brandenburg


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Shrubbn!! / Molly Rhubarb | Brandenburg

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Founded in 1995 by MARCO HAAS aka T.RAUMSCHMIERE and ULLI BOMANS aka SCHIERES, SHRUBBN!! set out to delight the world with their dirty-filthy-but-swinging-groovy-noise-improvisations – or SNOT-POP, as they like to call it.
Never in the same city at the same time and always busy with other projects, this initial burst of enthusiasm was followed by an extended break … now, twelve years later, SHRUBBN!! are back together - and back for good with their long-awaited first 12“"MOLLY RHUBARB / BRANDENBURG" that will be released on MUSICK now.
Expansive to the core, this is not the sound of cosy, scaled-down harmony. Both expertly whittled, sprawling statements claim and fill their own side of the record. "MOLLY RHUBARB" draws strength and focus from Boman’s distinctive vocals and crystal-clear aural language. Instead of delicate reverb and carefully balanced, minimal sound packets, SHRUBBN!! give us music of one mind, of one piece: rough exterior, tough core.
Down on the dance floor, where the fog starts to thicken and the strobes flash that little bit harder, machines and punters alike bow to the magic of SHRUBBN!!, to its mad intensity.
Local anthem "BRANDENBURG" takes out the lights for sightless abandon – why look around when you could be moving, dancing, SHRUBBN!!
Out of the club and into the world, SHRUBBN!! just received the seal of approval of DEPECHE MODE singer DAVE GAHAN, who was so taken by their – unsolicited - remix of his song “deeper and deeper” that he decided to have it released soon.

(In)famous dirt slinger of electronic music, "SHITKATAPULT" is celebrated for the sheer diversity and inventiveness of its roster.  Nevertheless, after the resounding success of label founder MARCO HAAS aka T.RAUMSCHMIERE’s club stompers, people came to expect an unending stream of further punk rock rave anthems like "MONSTERTRUCKDRIVER” - easily consumable fodder for press, retailers, and distributors. “You expect us to actually LISTEN? Sorry, no time!” All of a sudden, amazing productions by ingenious whizzes like APPARAT; ANDERS ILAR and others seemed out of place.
To counter this development and realign the mother ship SHITKATAPULT, in 2004 the label spawned its dedicated spin-off MUSICK (to play in the club), a haven for club fodder, rave monsters and DJ faves. Tried, tested and truly established after 18 releases, MUSICK proves that there’s no room for compromise between the beats of JERRY ABSTRACT, PETER GRUMMICH, DJ  FLUSH, ELASTIC HEADS or HOLZ.
2007 saw the first album releases (HAKAN LIDBO and most recently Oliver Greschke aka MAGNUM 38) and the latest additions to the catalogue, MUSICK 19 and 20, promise further sensational highlights for tough dance floor action by DAVE TARRIDA and now SHRUBBN!!

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