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Hakan Lidbo / Peepoo

Musick to play in the club - musick0015

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Hakan Lidbo strikes back on Shitkatapult!
As part of the Swedish community on planet earth Hakan Lidbo never really had the patience to wait for others. Tons of releases, tracks, labels, dates, ideas, pictures,
skills, titles, themes draw a broken line through the life of this producer. His tracks are always worth checking.
After "Call for Islam" (musick 14) the present 12" showcases 2 more excellent floor tracks taken from his full length "Dunka Dunka" (musick 16), that will be released in april as the first artist album on Shitkatapult’s "to play in the club"-sublabel musick.
Fullfilling  all needs wants and have tos of the techno business is not the game of Mr Libdo. He is into music business for having fun, great time and rock the floor.
You can taste this on every single bar, click and clash of his music.

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